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Choosing a chainsaw for your home: 5 useful tips

Choosing a chainsaw for your home: 5 useful tips

Choosing a chainsaw for your home: 5 useful tips

Do you like to craft something from wood? Do you regularly improve your summer cottage? Or maybe you are building a house and need a quality tool? Then you cannot do without best 16 inch chainsaw. With its help, it is easy to cut even hardwoods and the thickest logs without much effort. How to choose a practical tool and not overpay? Let’s figure it out in this article?

Top 5 rules for choosing gasoline saw

1. We look at the power. It affects the ability of the tool to pull the chain through the cut, which affects the cutting speed and cutting depth. For home use, a chainsaw with a power of up to 2.0 kW or 2-3 horsepower is sufficient. Do not take a model that is too powerful: firstly, it is more difficult to manage, including because of its heavyweight, and secondly, you will significantly overpay for the features you do not need.

2. Select the type and width of the tire. In household gasoline saws, strips of 35-40 cm are usually installed – enough for pruning and felling trees no thicker than 30-35 cm in diameter. If you plan on cutting thicker trunks, take a look at the larger models with longer tires and more power. It is also necessary to take into account the type of tire: flat tires are considered universal, lightweight ones are used on household tools, with replaceable heads they are leading in practicality.

3. We study the characteristics of the circuit. Everything is simple here: the larger the step, the more functional the chainsaw will be. Accordingly, there are fewer chains on a household tool than on a professional one. If you’re looking for a home saw, take a look at the 0.325-0.35 “chain options (in comparison, expensive professional models come with 0.41” chains).

4. Clarify the opening hours. Household chainsaws can withstand up to 50 working hours per month or 40-50 minutes of continuous work per day without overloading the motor. If you need to use the tool more often, give preference to semi-professional models with increased power. Never overheat the saw, as this can lead to sudden engine failure.

5. Pay attention to useful functions. Modern tools are equipped with special systems and technologies to facilitate the workflow. So, the anti-vibration system reduces the load on the wrist, the quick-start system helps to start the chainsaw with minimal effort, and the chain brake protects against kickback.

Let’s sum up

Remember the basic rule: the more often and longer you have to operate gasoline saw, the higher its technical characteristics (from power to chain diameter) should be. Choose a tool of trusted manufacturers – this way you will significantly save on repairs, as well as safe time and effort. Finally, do not forget to read the reviews before buying: they will help you get a real picture and decide on the choice of the saw of your dreams.

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