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Renovate the bathroom: Modernization for every budget

Renovate the bathroom: Modernization for every budget

Renovate the bathroom: Modernization for every budget

Tile varnish or new tiles, repair damaged areas or completely replace washbasins: If you want to renovate your bathroom, you have to reckon with modernisation costs ranging from a few hundred to several thousand euros. Solutions for each budget are in demand – just like Tipps, which can be made thereby everything everything.

Pink tiles, green sanitary ceramics and everything quite worn out – a ten or even twenty year old bathroom still fulfils its purpose, but it hardly meets current demands in terms of design and comfort. Bathroom renovation is the order of the day.

If you want to modernize your bathroom, you have various options: Tiles can be freshly painted or completely replaced; a shower tray can be replaced or converted into a floor-level shower; and sometimes a new vanity unit is enough. Here do-it-yourselfers can find out which solutions can be implemented on their own and for little money and where they should better let the professional get to work.

Modernise the bathroom: Freshness cure with a small budget

A complete renovation is not always necessary to renew the bathroom in a contemporary way. For an optical refreshment and more comfort in the everyday use of the bathroom, even smaller measures are sufficient, which cost little or can be done in own work.

With these measures you can renovate your bathroom at a reasonable price:

Fittings replace

Old guard table, shower and bath faucets are often not only unsightly and inconvenient to consume, often too much water. With the new acquisition, one should therefore pay attention to the energy-saving functions, such as, for example, the flow limiter.

Fittings it is available as a single lever mixer tap or with one or two hand controllers. Who has only a cold water connection – what toilets are often guests of the case is a build a valve with just one Control. Usually, a fixing nut, washer and gasket, and an O-Ring seal is included with the mounting kit in addition to the valve, respectively.

For the Assembly of the O-Ring remains in the valve. Both will be introduced into the tap hole from below with the fastening nut, washer and gasket is screwed on and tightened. This is in many faucets with a screwdriver, otherwise, a basin wrench is needed. Now the Hot and cold water tubes to bend so that you can vertically in the angle valves are introduced. Since the tubes must not sit obliquely, need to you may be reduced.

Even without craft knowledge, for example, the shower head , hose replaced. Among the popular tools Spa shower heads, for example, with rain showers in the process, Massage or steam function.

Tile renew

Wet cell or a relaxing bath? The Tiles on wall and floor shapes the character of the bathroom is crucial. Sober tiling in the style of the swimming pool-shower rooms is in demand today just as little as a small piece patterned tile formats in beige-brown from the 1970s.

In any case, the bathroom must be reading the same re-solidification.

  • If the wall tiles have lost over the years, only something to Shine, it is sufficient under certain circumstances to miss them a fresh color. Various manufacturers offer to paint the tiles with special tile paints or complete packages with primer and sealer to. In the case of the last variant, it needs some patience, finally the old tiles need to be pre-treated and the dry times. Those who stick to the instructions for use, can be happy with both versions without too much construction dirt fresh colors in your bathroom.
  • Also, with the slide Tiles That are already cut in standard formats, can color into the old bathroom that had been brought. Since the film pieces are individually glued to the tiles, it needs a bit of patience. For single color or pattern accents the Tile sheet to be used but all.
  • An Alternative to the tile paint is water-proof roll-on plaster. The Application of the roll plaster works in principle like the painting of the tiles: ground, prepare the plaster, apply surface seal. According to the manufacturer of the plaster with all solvent-free is Full – and tinting paint miscible – that is to say: All colors are possible. In addition, the plaster can be structured in a fresh condition individually.

Minor damage repair

Common beauty problems in the bathroom are small damaged spots on the bathroom ceramics and mould – infested joints. Both can easily be self-mending. For the damaged, there are special repair kits in the most popular sanitary colors, processed with a little care, fast and cost-effective remedy. Mouldy silicone joints need to be carefully scratched out. Then let it dry well and a wet cell suitable silicon compound ejection.

Tip: professionals will have the feel and pull with the fingers, for do-it-yourselfers, a joint-offers-puller for small money. Thus, also the joints in the bathroom renovation on your own can be nice and even.

Decorating: accents

A colorful coat of paint or adornments for walls and bathroom furniture, accessories such as baskets or wall hook in eye-catching shapes and colors, a lighted mirror, wall decals or pictures – sometimes little things are enough to give the old bathroom a new face.

Ordnung schaffen

Wenn Badewannenränder oder Fensterbänke mit Shampooflaschen oder Pflegeutensilien vollgestellt sind und Handtücher durch die Gegend fliegen, kommt selten Wohlfühlatmosphäre auf. Manchmal wirken schon kleine Ordnungshelfer wie Schubladeneinsätze, Kästen oder Körbe Wunder. Bei mehr Platzbedarf sollte man in geeignete Badmöbel oder eingebauten Stauraum investieren – oder selber kreativ werden.

Bathroom remodel: plumbing ceramic in green and brown was yesterday

Something more you have to spend, if the bathroom is not only beautiful but also individual components such as sink, bathtub, or shower – to be replaced should be. Depending on whether you choose the basic version or a more upmarket variant, the cost of such modernization is in the range of a few Hundred to a few Thousand euros.

Of luxury such as marble or fancy Design with a narrow Budget, save, of decent quality, dear, if you don’t want to redecorate after a few years the bathroom. Experienced do-it-yourselfers can also be here themselves, should call in doubt, but rather those skilled in the art.

Sanitary objects replace

The sanitary ceramics replace more comprehensive bathroom renovation requires work. Not only that, the old bowls are removed, usually a few tiles are going to break. Who want to replace the old bathtub with a modern walk-in shower, no longer able to use his bathroom during the renovation only once. In order to speed up the bath renovation, should professionals to work and whether the individual trades are timed to each other.

For all sanitary objects, the following applies: anyone Who wants to save, should make use of existing connections, and for white sanitary ware to decide.

Sink replace

A fixing set for wash basins comprises dowels, floor screws, plastic washers and nuts. In the best case, the old mounting holes to use, otherwise, it is precisely measured, and new drill holes.

The dowel is firmly seated in the wall, the hanger bolts with the water pump pliers, screwed. Something a third of the funds should protrude partly out.

Now the basin on the floor to push bolts. The nut and washer mounting and with a spanner wrench.


Mother not over-tighten the basin can break!

As described above, will now be attached to the valve, then the drain will be mounted. For this purpose, the drain valve is used with the Opening in the spout of the sink. Below the valve is screwed on the lower part of the seal. The Opening with the pull line should point to the rear. It is connected with the pull rod of the valve. Finally, the valve to the angle valve connect, ready.

The joint between the vanity and tiles should sealing do-it-yourselfers with plumbing silicone.

Convenient for the retrofitting of pretext are constructions and ready-made modules with plumbing and electrical connections, which simplify Installation and cables and pipes to hide. This pretext installations both in the sink as well as the WC-install.

Toilet replace

Also an old-fashioned toilet bowl can exchange do-it-yourselfers self-directed. Who overestimated his skills, however, and the connections are not tight gets, it pays in the long term. In doubt, better ask a professional to work on.

Shower pan replace

Who’s replacing his old shower tray only and not at the same time, on a floor-level shower conversion should rely on a shower / tub combination with a height-adjustable when feet.

It is mounted in front of the Place the drain. Do-it-yourselfers should be careful of both Overflow as well as the expiration are hermetically sealed. Anyone who is unsure, better left to the experienced installer.

The connectors are mounted, is placed in the tub. It should remain between the bottom and when the bottom is at least 15 inches of space to the Siphon mount. The tub, the connectors are connected to each other and the open sides with plan lined block with stones. On the height of the siphon is a cleaning opening can.

On the new brick surface must finally laid tiles, joints with silicone spread and the surface to be sealed. Before then, you can take a shower, should all dry well.

For the floor-level shower, the drain must be routed normally, directly in the ground or from the wall to the appropriate place. A significant increase in the effort that is executed in the best case, always by a specialist.

Bathtub replacing

Bathtubs on when feet or in a special tub support. In the case of two types, first drain and Overflow are installed.

Should be installed when the carrier is aligned with a thin layer of adhesive fixed to the floor. The glue is dried, is used in the tub with the pre-assembled connectors and connected.

In the case of furnaces with when feet, the feet are bolted to the ground.

Then the tub is set up, the feet adjusted, and the tub is horizontally aligned. In this Form of the when mounting the enclosure must be made of brick. Finally, when are connected to the overflow and drain.

In both variants, do-it-yourselfers should schedule an inspection opening, as well as the tile height.


Bathtubs or shower trays made of steel must be earthed by an electrician.

New plaster instead of old tiles

Who would not want to paint his tiles only or überputzen, but newly available want ran, needs a little more experience and skill. When tiling the experienced do-it-yourselfers can save significantly, because the cost of the tiles, depending on the area of around 40 to 60 Euro per square meter. The Route of the wall is different tile only minimally from the Laying of floor tiles . Around shower and bathtub, the tile floor should be sealed, specifically, finally, the mortar joints are rarely completely waterproof. As a revocation reason of rubber-emulsions, which can be easily applied with a roller are, for example.

However, not only through their own work can save a plaster is cheaper than tile, and modern. On unnecessary (wall)tiles so and instead walls plastering.

A very noble Form of wall plaster is Tadelakt, a high-hydraulic, for the bathroom most suited to lime plaster.

Bath renovation: fully renovate

For a comprehensive modernisation of bathrooms, replacement of tub, toilet, sink, radiators, lighting and mirror in the small bathroom, already with a lot of self-performance with cost from 10,000 euros to be reckoned with. More expensive it is, if structural measures are needed, such as, for example, with a wet room panels, new walls are drawn to, or new connections and lines needs.

Regarding the equipment, you should be sure about needs, wishes and available Budget clear. What is more important – the second washstand, shower toilet, a Spa shower, or counter top basin made of natural stone? Always rewarding investment in accessibility, for example, the installation of a floor-level shower. A generation close a real bathroom increases the value of the house.

And in the end, only the quality counts, as always: you should always go in front of the price.

Bathroom planning: renovation ideas for small bathroom

In old apartments it is common to find the so-called Schlauchboot: narrow, elongated, and usually with a rather small window at the end. At first glance, this Bathroom appears to offer little room for modernization ideas. However, even on only six square meters, with skillful planning, various design alternatives can be realized, as the following example shows:

In all three designs, the combined shower and bath was placed under the window cross.

Design 1

In this variant, the bathroom is very open-ended. A glass separation protects the vanity from water splashes, bamboo rods visually separate the toilet area. Graphics: VDS

Design 2

This design offers a L-shaped combination of high Cabinet and running under the ceiling, upper cabinets, lots of storage in little space. Painted furniture fronts and behind WC and wash basin, mirrored wall to counteract a possible impression of Tightness. Graphics: VDS

Design 3

Here, the individual functional areas of the bath are separated from each other more of what to expect, especially the floor-to-ceiling side of the natural stone walls of the washing table. In the front area of the toilet and the opposite small hand do not form a separate but slightly separated guest toilet, a sink though. Graphics: VDS

Barrier-free bathrooms: the promotion for the bathroom remodel

Who designed the bathroom in the course of a renovation, also barrier-free and age or disabled may apply for funding to facilitate the investment:

  • The state -owned KfW promotional Bank grants low-interest loans or grants for age-appropriate tag, regardless of age or health status of the apartment owner.
  • Also, some residential funding programmes of the länder and municipalities support the barrier-free Expansion.

If you are already disabled or care-dependent persons live in the household, there are also the sick or care funds support for the conversion, installation of Seats and handles, or the like.

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